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Wayne Fusion Automation Server

The Wayne Fusion Automation Server connects your forecourt and convenience store devices together with cloud-based services, so you can run your retail fueling business more efficiently and effectively.




A single Fusion Automation Server can replace your:
Forecourt controller
Automatic tank gauge (ATG) system
Petroleum-Retail console
Third-party proprietary controllers
Wetstock management data collection servers
Remote diagnostic data collection

Fusion comes out-of-the box ready to integrate with over 40 different types of dispensers and a growing list of approved and certified POS installations.The system is flexible and upgradeable, so as your business needs continue to evolve, you can readily add software and hardware to keep up.

The Fusion Automation Server is built for the rugged demands of the petroleum-retail environment to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and unwanted intruders.Fusion is implemented behind DFS managed firewalls and includes whitelisting capabilities that will only allow access to approved parties.



Fusion 1000

If you have an existing POS system, the Fusion 1000 forecourt controller is an easy way to connect with the forecourt today, with expansion capability for future upgrades. This off-the-shelf box easily connects your POS, ERP, and your dispensers, regardless of the manufacturer.


Fusion 3000

With on-site and remote connectivity, and comprehensive web-reporting features, the Fusion 3000 forecourt controller gives you better control and visibility over your fueling station. If you need automation without electronic payment or require POS redundancy, the Fusion 3000 forecourt controller is the best choice for you.


Fusion 6000

Encompases Features from both the Fusion 1000 and 3000 and adds on electronic payment transactions without going through your POS,payment and loyalty programs from a single system and easily accomodates third party software systems.

Garage and Forecourt

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