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Progauge Level Gauges

Tokheim ProGauge provides a complete set of environmental and wetstock management solutions.Offering a variety of systems – from entry-level probes, to innovative consoles, right through to head-office wetstock management packages. Our wetstock solutions ensure you comply with local legislation, allow you to manage fuel throughout your network, track inventory & delivery information, and ultimately increase your profits. And by choosing Tokheim you know that you will have the local support of the world’s leading fuel retail specialists.

Progauge Equipment


ProGauge’s MagLink LX console offers can manage from 1 to 32 probes without the need to add expansion modules. Accomodates both wired or wireless probes.Has a web-based server for remote fuel management and connectivity by any web-enabled PC or tablet.


These intrinsically safe probes are manufactured in rigid stainless steel to offer a durable, long-lasting and quality solution. Utilising magnetostrictive technology, they are highly accurate and are available in a range of sizes (500 mm – 5500 mm). These probes are suitable for all fuel types, including LPG and AdBlue®.


Innovative wireless probes using smart technology for improved reliability and reduced interference. Low power consumption extends the battery life up to 5 years. The easy installation of the wireless probes and antennas eliminates the need to dig up a site to install wiring.

Main Features

Calculation of data relating to:

0.01 mm

Product level
Interface level (water presence detection)

Up to max. 5 integrated digital sensors

Product mean temperature

+/- 0.5 mm

Standard measuring accuracy

+/- 0.01 mm

Standard resolution

+/- 0.2 °C

Temperature accuracy range -20 +70 °C

± 0.0625 °C

Temperature resolution

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