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JB Garage & Forecourt specialises in providing Fuel Handling and Management solutions for the Zimbabwean petroleum industry. With over a decade of experience in the industry we pride ourselves in being a dynamic company that focuses on staying relevant with the latest technologies that provide effective solutions to our clients in Zimbabwe. Garage & Forecourt is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Services(QMS) certified and TRACE certified. We are authorised distributors of Wayne fueling systems and Alentec Orion lubrication equipment.

Our Products

Fuel Equipment

Authorised Distributor of Tokheim and Wayne Fuel Dispensers

Lubrication Equipment

Supply of oil and greasing equipment and authorised distributors of Orion products.

Flow Measurement Equipment

Supply of equipment for accurate mesurement in dispensing, Fuel,oil,grease or air.

Lifting Equipment

Garage Lifting Equipment.


KPS HDPE underground piping installations for service stations and above ground pipeworks.

Forecourt Installations

From Ground work up to Canopy installations.

Pump Maintanance

Pump installation and maintanance.
Orilink Oil Management System

The OriLink® system is an advanced oil management system which shows an overview of the workshop oil system layout presented graphically in real time

Wayne Fusion Fuel Management System

The Wayne Fusion Automation Server connects your forecourt and convenience store devices together with cloud-based services, so you can run your retail fueling business more efficiently and effectively.

Tokheim Progauge Tank Management System

ProGAUGE along with DiaLOG gives you a complete tank management system for your site. This system is based on magnetostrictive level gauge technology, the only system able to guarantee accuracy in the order of 0.01 millimetres.

Tokheim Dialog Fleet Management System

The DiaLOG fuel management system allows you to control your fuel more effectively. It is a proven solution that has been designed for fleet and commercial companies of all sizes.