Our service offering ensures that our clients get a one stop experience to their fuel handling and management needs. Our technical team has been trained to use the latest technologies that ensure there is efficiency in getting accurate inventory readings from both storage and dispensing equipment. When a client makes a purchase, it is our duty to ensure that the equipment is installed properly following HSEQ Policies

Pump Installation and Maintenance

  • \Pump Maintenance and Repairs
  • \Pump spares reconditioning and replacements
  • \installation of all retail and commercial pumps
  • \Refurbishment of Pumps

Tank installation and maintenance

  • \Tank Calibrations, Volumetric and 3D Calibration
  • \Acoustic testing
  • \Installation and repairs to submersible pumps and check valves
  • \Tank cleaning and uplifting

Forecourt Installations

  • \Canopy installations
  • \Greetings
  • \Oil interceptors
  • \Tank cleaning and uplifting

Pipe Works

  • \Underground piping HDPE/Galvanised
  • \Above ground piping
  • \Valve Maintenance
  • \Leak check

3D LASER SCAN Solutions

Tank Calibration System

Most effective cost/safety solution to calculate the volume of horizontal tanks.

Environmentally friendly: no need to use fuels or other liquids to perform calibration.

Versatile: suitable for any horizontal tank with min. 2″ entry hole (maximum tank diameter plus manhole high:3500mm, maximum distance between 2″ entry hole and the farthest wall: 10000mm)

Working Principle

A highly accurate laser measuring device is used to generate over 200 points per centimetre of tank diameter, providing the user with a three-dimensional image of the tank. Once the operation has been completed, powerful post-processing software is used to generate an accurate final tank chart table that can be uploaded to the Automatic Tank Gauge on site. The operation is safe, fast and causes a minimum of disruption to the site.